Class 1:: Serving through Hearing and Obeying God This class will teach the student the various scriptural ways that God communicates with man and how to cultivate the courage to obey God. Further how to distinguish the thoughts of God from the social and satanic impressions.

  • What to do when you have heard from God but your Pastor disagrees

  • What to do to sharpen your spiritual ears to hear the voice of God

  • How to peacefully serve where you are planted

Class 2:: Serving with Integrity - Ministerial Ethics This class will address making the commitment to be a person of integrity and how to handle difficult situations in an integral fashion. It will identify the do's and dont's of ministerial ethics and serving up-close in ministry.

  • How to protect the influence your pastor gives you

  • How to cultivate unquestioned integrity

  • What to do harness your ambitions

  • How to serve above murmuring and complaining

  • How to develop personal financial integrity

Class 3: Serving with Excellence Lessons This class addresses the commitment to excellence in ministry and living. The student will learn how to cultivate and maintain the spirit of excellence, efficiency and effectiveness.

  • What is excellence in ministry?

  • How solve problems with excellence and efficiency

  • What to do to help others develop excellence in serving

  • The Mental Transformation for Personal Excellence

  • How excellence can improve your life and ministry

Class 4: Serving through Effective Communication This class teaches the minister the art of effective communication with others to avoid misunderstandings and resolving conflict. Communication is critical to properly encouraging and exhorting others who serve along with you.

  • Understanding the tools of effective communication

  • How to communicate with high emotional people

  • Understanding the power of compassionate confrontation

  • How to evangelize through communicating the church vision

Class 5: Serving Free of Offenses. This class will teaches emotional disciplines to avoid being offended and development resentment in ministry. Offense is a satanic trap that will utterly destroy meaningful God orchestrated relationships. Pressure moments of offense in ministry will serve as pitfalls to derail the plan of God or stepping stones to accelerate the plan of God.

  • Understanding the subtle satanic weapon of offense

  • How to be loyal when you don't see the vision

  • How to guard your heart against being offended

  • Understanding the keys to long term faithfulness

Class 6: Serving Leadership with Joy This class will help the minister to strength of character to enjoy your journey in ministry and vision support. Students will learn how to cherish the opportunity to serve kingdom leadership knowing their focus and faithfulness will be rewarded by God.

  • How to enjoy being in ministry

  • What to do to regain the joy of being in ministry

  • What to do to never lose your joy in ministry

  • How cultivate rejoicing with others being promoted in ministry

  • Keeping your Joy in pressure situations

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